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Egypt is my country . I like it as you like your country and i'll say it's the best as you'll say your country is the best , and i'll sacrifice my life so it can survive exactly as you'll do towards your country
I still don't know what to say ! even if i said something it would never be enough so if you are really interested to know something about Egypt , you can do from these links and i'll continue searching , updating them as often as i can .
Happy tour

**Links for Islamic sites
El -Azhar 
The Islam Page
Qaradawi Page

**Links for  historical  sites 
 Oriental Museum
 Colour Tour
 Culture Net

**Links for tourists
 Information Highway
 Information Service
 Egypt has it all

**Links for Official sites
The Presidency
Universities Network
National Science & Technology Center
Egyption armed forces

**Links for arabic sites
Arab Net


This page is still under construction .
I'll  be  glad to add any  links you have .
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