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mohamed nabil's friends
 My Friends
as i always say and i'll say it forever .."friendship is a treasure "
so ..
I dedicate this page to all my friends
" A friend is someone we turn to, When our spirits need a lift.
A friend is someone we treasure, For our friendship is a gift.
A friend is someone who fills our lives, With beauty, joy, and grace.
And makes the world we live in, A better and happier place. "
" How do we go out and face the world is the same question as how do we pick our friends?.
dearly, like gems, carefully, like flowers. The moments we remember best stay with us like a daisy-chain;
like a necklace made of flowers, worn with familiarity and love, and close to the heart.
We arrange them until they become something beautiful and walk out into the world holding hands."
" A good friend is someone to do nothing much with and find "nothing much" so much fun.
.A good friend is talking and talking about everything under the sun.
A good friend is someone who really is glad when you've worked for and won a success,
Someone you don't have to be on your guard withor be what you aren't to impress.
A good friend is so many wonderful someones all mixed in amarvelous blend Of memory making,of giving and taking, a "now and forever" Good Friend ."

here is a list of some of my friends
u could mail or ICQ them
they could be your friends too
Name & Birthday ***** Notes for him 
"i'll update them regularly"
ICQ wwp Interests
Mohamed Fayek
come back home 
do u understand ?
arabic music
hydatid !
the show !
Moustafa Abd-Elsamee
try to concentrate
girls will make u lose 
foriegn music
Haytham Rizk
keep going freely
and football
and el-ahly
Ali El-Sharkawy
the net friends may be good but they are not true friends
horse riding
Hany El-Zahlawy
keep going with my advise and u'll lose !
foriegn music
video games
Hany Dappous
i can say nothing 
u r our gentleman !
**Mohamed** El-Khateeb
pleaze don't send this page to the inteligence !
military weapons
Mohamed Abd-Elmoneem
no comment !
obstetrics !
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