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Welcome to my homepage
I  don't  know  why  i  made  this  page ,
I  think  the  main  reason  because  it's  free   :-) ,
comes  next  that  i  want  to  say  i   have  a  homepage .
so  i  spent  a  lot  of  time  thinking  what to  say in this page !
until  now  i  don't  know  what  to   say ,but  i'll  try .
My name is Mohamed Nabil ,i'm 21 years old , i study medicine in Ain Shams
University in cairo .
Do u agree with me that it's the worst  thing in the world is to speak about
yourself  !!...
U agree ..,so i think i have to tell u  first, something about my country 
and if u r intersted u could know a pit about my 
faculfy of medicine .
( Ain Shams medical students' list )
do u want to know something about
 my friends ?
and if you have met me in the chat ,you may want  to  find more about 
my family .
finally ,and if you want to waste your time,then  you  could know a little about
me  .
a game to play

would u mind Signing my guestbook ?
u could view my guestbook !

I'll be glad to hear your comments

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