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Ain Shams Medical Students'List
i know it isn't a list yet !
but i hope it'll be very soon
i wish this list makes the far distance more nearer
and to make us colleges forever
Name ICQ wwpager e-mail
Ahmed Essam -
Alber Bouls -
Ali El-Sharkawy
Amr Mounir Shoukri -
Assmaa Khalil -
Fadi Nabil Ibrahim 4409038
Haytham Ibrahim Rizk 21561713
Ismail Moustafa -
Mohamed Adel 19540390
Mohamed Fayek Mahfouz 25224030
Mohamed Mounir Shoukri -
Mohamed Nabil Taha 5262036
Mohamed Hany -
Mahmoud Abd-Elaziz
Moustafa Abd-Elsamee 22294241
Raggie Armia -
Ramez Adel -
Ramy Adel -
Tamer Adel 13959509
Tamer Hosny 9032783
Tarek Saad -
Youssef Atta -
I can't go on alone !!
I need support from you
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