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our news and plans

week 21/11/98

** we have a football team now !!
Hommos is the name of our football team that will participate in the college league
u have to know that we play for fun onlyyy :-) and that is why we will win en shaa alah .
The players :
Mohamed fayek (capitain+goal keeper +coach)
Mohamed Abd-Elstar
Hany El-Zahlawy
Haytham Ibrahim
Mohamed Abd-Elaziz
Hany Dabbous
Mohamed Mossa
Mohamed Nabil (spokesman)
Mostafa Abd-Elsamee (doctor)
** le3bt el-set play ,
do u like Mohamed Sobhy ? i do . he respects the art and respects his audience .
we'll be there on wednesday .
El-Gawala Zebala
they cancelled the play ..............zebala
** Ain Shams Medical Students' list ,
i made this web page to keep medical students in touch and i hope it'll survive in order to keep us COLLEGES FOREVER .
i know it's still a bud , so i need the support of everyone to make it known for every medical student .

week 28/11/98

** bad news :-(
our best player " Haytham Rizk " was injuried in a training match , the team 's doctor is doing his best but noway ..he won't play the first match in the league against " ya dl3 dl3 ".
other bad news is that " Mohamed Abd-Elaziz " will not participate in the match and all the next matches ! he quit one knows why .


last updated 30/11/98

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